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Child and Adolescent Services

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S.Y.N.C. 360® is a Georgia youth service provider who has a focus on family preservation. S.Y.N.C. 360® provides high quality and culturally competent behavioral healthcare services designed to help children and adolescents achieve and maintain independence and stability so that they can play a more productive role within their families, schools, and communities.


In order to break down barriers to accessing quality behavioral healthcare services, S.Y.N.C. 360® delivers services in the youth’s home, school, and community. Additionally, services are offered in the clinic as necessary to meet the needs of the family unit.


S.Y.N.C. 360 is a subsidiary of ACR Health Services

Treatment Philosophy

S.Y.N.C. 360® recognizes parents are an important part of the treatment team. Developing formal partnerships with parents is essential to each youth’s treatment. We believe that in order to provide effective quality service to the youth we serve, we must also incorporate interventions that are meaningful to the entire family.


To that end, S.Y.N.C. 360® provides systematic and purposeful interactions between the staff, youth, and their family members. These services are directed towards restoration, enhancement, and maintenance of the youth’s family unit, with the goal of assisting with the youth and family with obtaining their best possible functional level. Services are provided by a diverse team of educated and experienced professionals who are dedicated and passionate about working with children, adolescents and their families.


Our Mission

S.Y.N.C. 360's sole purpose is to offer hope, support and professional services in programs specifically designed for young people and their families.


Our licensed professional staff is dedicated to providing compassionate care and treatment to children and teens experiencing behavioral and emotional and/or substance abuse problems. 


Behavioral Health Services


  • Behavioral Health Assessments

  • Trauma Assessments

  • Service Plan Development

  • Psychiatric Diagnostic Assessments

  • Medication Evaluation & Management

  • Nursing Assessments and Care

  • Individual Therapy

  • Family Therapy

  • Community Support Services

  • Psychological Evaluations

  • Crisis Intervention

  • Substance abuse treatment

Family Support Services
  • Comprehensive Child & Family Assessments

  • Home Evaluations

  • Family Assessments

  • Drug Assessments & Drug Screens

  • Homestead

  • Early Intervention

  • Parent Aide

  • Behavior Aide

  • In-Home Intensive Treatment

  • In-Home Case Management

  • 24-Hour Crisis Intervention

  • Supervised Visitation

  • Transportation


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